I can't deal with an error which I unexpectedly met in Autocad 21.0.

My operation, it seems, will never end now. I worked over the project nearly two months hard. But recently, I with horror found out that all my operation is spoiled. I cannot open the project because the program reports to me about an error: Unexplained file size increase. I hope that someone faced it and will help to solve somewhat quicker to me this problem.

3 Answers

Maybe try the steps that Kamari Olsen suggested in this post: https://grabcad.com/questions/what-could-be-wrong-with-autocad

It sounds like a similar issue.

If a file can not be opened, take the following steps:

• RECOVER command
1Dwg recover a selected drawing file
2If successful, open and run AUDIT command
3Evaluates drawing integrity and possibly more error correction
4Set system variable AUDITCTL=1 to create a report of audit results

• RECOVERALL command (introduced in AutoCAD 2008)
1Recovers a selected drawing file
2Attached and nested xrefs are also opened, repaired, resaved, and closed


• Start a new DWG with no template
1Run INSERT and selected the corrupted drawing
2Check the “Explode” option

Sourse: http://blog.jtbworld.com/2013/12/how-to-recover-and-fix-problematic-or.html

If u face error regard to increasing file size use WBLOCK command

Follow below mention Steps --

Select All > Type " WBlock" > Enter > Select " Entire Drawing" > Select Path > Press OK......

if size is not decreasing,
First Apply " AUDIT" Command then after use WBLOCK....