i can't open a solidworks part file that i downloaded from grabcad , please help me

difficulties to open a solidworks file

5 Answers

Here is what we need to know from you.

What file type is it you are trying to open? sldprt, sldassem, or other
What version of solidworks you have?
Are there other file type versions of the model you are trying to open available?

i am trying to open sldprt, sldassem , i have solidworks 2014

Here is what the issue likely is. The files were probably generated in a newer version of solidworks and wont be able to be opened by your 2014 version.

You will likely need have someone turn those files into step. or iges. files so you can open them,

THANK YOU SO MUCH Jonathan DeRoner

What version soildworks do you have.. and what version was the file you downloaded.. remember prts are not backward or forward compatable..you might try DXF.. or Step format.