I cannot save a file as IGES from Solid Works 2015

When I try to save a file as .igs to a specified location no file appears in that folder. I have tried saving it to the desktop and that worked. But I don`t want it on my desktop I want to save it on the location where my model is i.e. D:\Projects\2015\Model\IGES.
The file is attached. Its really simple.
I am using SW 2015 Professional.

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are you sure you dont save it in temperary folder and then you search it in original folder?

If to desktop it works...it must works to every folder....
BTW..you could save it on desktop and then cut/paste it in your folder

Edit: i downloaded your file and tried to save .igs to my folder...it works. So, try to check the folder you select when you save it

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