I cant save keyshot renders on my pc

I can render the images and they show up, but the keyshot log always says 'cannot open file location'.
I am using keyshot 9.
anyone know a solution to this problem?

Accepted answer

Hi for keyshot 9 it works or not i didn't try but for key shot 8 it works like below so try it
PC Location
After KeyShot 8 is installed, a “KeyShot 8 Resources” shortcut will be created on your desktop. By default, this shortcut points to: Documents/KeyShot 8.

Setting Permissions
You must have read and write permissions for your KeyShot 8 folder in order to save renders, animations, and more. Here’s how to set permissions:

Right click the KeyShot 8 resources folder and select “Properties”.
Go to the Security tab and highlight your group or user name.
Click the “Edit” button.
Set permissions to “Full Control.”
Click “Apply” and “OK.”

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