I dont know how to apply the load for the FEA in the NASA EAS challenge

My entry is here: NASA EAS I have used a remote load but I see others have used the Keep Out Zone as the experiment. How do you put the load at the point NASA specify, i.e. 20 cm from the surface of the mounting plate, an in x and y distances? This is a point in space?? If you put the load on the surface plane of the experiment that does not seem correct, and if you do, it has to have a material. What do you use in that case? If you choose 6061 the same as the mtg plate then 125 load doesn't get anywhere near the EAS?? I am trying to teach myself all of this.

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This had been answered a few times in the comments on that project but just in case you are still foggy. Pick any material steel aluminum etc doesn't matter. Then make a very thick post down the to experiment plate. Make the post thick enough that it would take a huge amount of force to make it bend at all. Apply your load to this post. Any steel etc will do just don't pick a soft rubber or something. The .25 inch plate and your mount system will show 99.9% of all the flex compared to that post.

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