I have attached a picture. Is it possible in solidworks drawing to make a view which looks like righ one by config, display state or some other technic?

To view a model as skeleton.

3 Answers

Sure. At the top of a drawing view dialog box is the option to select which configuration is used for the view.

One way would be to make a configuration which unsuppresses a 'delete body' feature to remove the solid material and select that configuration for the drawing view. Leave the delete body feature suppressed for the default or any other configurations you wish to see the finished part and not just the skeleton.

You could divide the face of the model with a sketch using the split curve command. The lines/edges will show up in the drawing.

You can also choose to hide lines in the drawing view. I think it will be difficult, but you could hide half of the lines, and you'd get the single outline.

Try to make some DXF files with combined sketches. Your need is not logical. Single lines is not a surface such as a surface is not a solid. These are three state designs. So you can add dxf files in the drawings.