i have made a model by using steel metal..but in rendring it is look like a steel..is anyone help me for this ..i want to done it in autocad 2014.

reder setting for 3d model which is made by using metal( iron, steel,brass,cast iron, etc) so that they look real metalice model..please help me..only in autocad 2014

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This is a tutorial / webinar for Keyshot which discusses how to best use metal textures. It is obviously not an AutoCAD 2014 tutorial, but the concepts covered are pretty much the same in all the rendering programs, just the buttons and sliders are change.

Bad looking metal is most likely caused by poor lighting in your scene. Get the lighting right, and the metal will look much better.
If you post images of what you've created, and what you are after, I'm sure it would help someone to give more specific advice.

Metal Material Mastery
July 2016 – Duration: 1 hour

(Level: Advanced) Learn how to master a variety of techniques when using KeyShot’s metal materials! We’ll discuss different methods of creating realistic metals in KeyShot that you can learn quickly and easily.

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