I have modelled a spring with hook. I can not mirror the hook to opposite side.I want to model a spring with two hooks.Is there a way to do this. I can not achieve bye myself.Can someone help me ?

I can model the spring with two hooks by drawing the skech. I want to mirror the hook.

4 Answers

step 1, mirror hook 'body' about mid plane of spring
step 2, mirror new hook body about 'right' plane to position it correctly relative to the helix.
step 3, 'delete body' on the hook body created in step 1

At this point the work is done unless you need to 'combine' these 3 separate bodies into a single solid body. So far I can only get them to combine by reducing the wire diameter enough to eliminate the interference that exists between the hook sweep feature and the helix sweep feature.

If you mirror the 'body' instead of the 'feature' it will mirror for you. Getting them to combine into a single body will be the next challenge.

What you need to do is mirror the hook twice and save the twice mirrored hook as a new part. Then constrain as needed. I did this in Inventor with ease.

If you want to solve the multi-body issue, modify the definition of Helis/Spiral1 to have a pitch of 10.1 instead of 10.
With a value of 10 for pitch, and a wire diameter of 10, the sweep is always in contact with itself and does not solve correctly as can be seen by the many edges along the coil. That should be one smooth continuous model face.

A similar condition exists with the 3D sketch path for Süpür4. If you make the first arc tangent to the helix, it will flow a bit better. Right now the arc is horizontal, ideally it will match the helix angle.