I have no clue why my part will not completely cut extrude.

So I am attaching my part I have been revising, and anytime I try to cut extrude my last sketch, it only cuts a part, even after everything has been selected. Very confused :( Can anyone help?

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That is pretty weird. I'll check it again when I get home today.
For now, try setting the end condition of your feature to be through all in both directions.
If I replace your sketch with a much simpler one (just six circles) it cuts through everything fine, so you may have hit some unknown limit for the number of holes bored into a part.
Maybe try making your big complex cut into three smaller cuts? You could do it easily be saving the existing sketch, then making three new sketches, and just converting the needed pieces from the complex sketch.
Or, if they are all the same shape and orientation, maybe it could be a circular pattern?

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Splitting your huge sketch44 into smaller portions, and using those to make through all cuts is working. I didn't add in the third cut to finish off the model because it is taking so long to rebuild the model after each change, but the screenshot shows two cuts.
I'm using Sketch44 as a base, and then converting it onto Plane10. After converting, I delete 2/3rds of the sketch so it will solve a smaller set of data for each feature.

Did you draw all the little squares in by hand? I thought I had a lot of patience! You've got 1,215 squares all stuffed into Sketch44. That's 4,860 line segments.
You might find that the software runs a little faster if you turn off the automatic sketch solver (Tools - Sketch Settings), if it is on by default.

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