I need a solution for protection the galet of Vertical cement crusher

I need a help urgent
So i have a problem of blockage the galet of Vertical cement crusher ( type loesche lm 53.3) because the small stones leak between the part fixed (The skirt part1) and rotating part (part 2) Thickness 15mm and blockage the galet slave and now i need a system for Preventing foreign body leakage during the rotation galet at the bottom the pucter for more explaining


2 Answers

The simplest, cheap and quick solution is to make your own seals from conveyor belt rubber. 1 rotating Innerseal, and 1 stationary outer seal. You create a spiral between the inner and outer seal. This is made of bare round steel and is mounted on the rotating inner seal. Make sure you mount the outer seal in such a way that it has as many interfaces as possible with the spiral. The spiral should be wound the right way around so that debris and dust are turned out of the seals.

Use old conveyor belt rubber from the 90s. Smooth and about 1cm thick with steel inlay. These are the most wear resistant. Before cutting you make a drawing with the result for the correct cuts.

The drawings are a concept and dimensionless.

I hope this simple method can help your situation.