i need a to design a planar robot parallel 3RRR

if someone can help me to design a robot parallele in solideworks
with three servo-moteur

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3 Answers

I see you have an image (from probably an existing item)
measure it up a do some reverse engineering....
Make the parts and assemble them using the mate feature...

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so my robot is planar manipulator i find a model in solidworks in picture number two but the problem is how i will seperate the 3 threads like the first picture an put in the end of each thread servo motor to rotate my threads if you can help me??

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It all depends how the original model is constructed, is it a part or an assembly,
Beware that most of the times you will get into technical troules when using an existing part, due to missing constraints, etc.
Perhaps it is better to start all over again with a new model, so do some top down modeling, than everyrhing will fit like it needs to....

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