I need a tutorial on BIW design of any CAR in CATIA V5

What is the procedure and process to design BIW(body in white) of a car in CATIA.I need documents and video tutorial for it.
Thank you

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Procedure is not related with Catia. Catia is just a tool for design.

To create parts you need complete surface of vehicle. and recuirements to design. If you have these, process just offset, sweeps and joins.

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You already found it. check your picture.

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There is no special procedure for designing BIW in catia ,if you want just go through GSD (Generative shape design) tutorials

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Hey, there are a lot of Engineering behind BIW Design, you need to know about the requirements and standards before you start that. check out skill-lync. you can learn from them on how to design BIW components. There are not so many people out there who teach these things. Here is the link


This is a hood inner panel made during the commencement of this course

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