I need Anyone`s Help to Design a working model Boat propeller


I am VERY NEW to 3D technology and I need some help. I am working to make an electric power torpedo to go with an R.C model boat.

I have the torpedo body 3D file BUT I NEED either a 3 bladed or 4 bladed propeller with a tapered hub with a 1mm center hole NOT through it and it is to be 16mm diameter and Right hand pitch.

Can anyone create this 3D file for me?

Please let me know.


2 Answer

I've designed a fair number of them... though, not in this scale.

How are you planning to attach it to your output shaft?

Not really an answer to your question, but the only way to insert an image.

Similar to this?

You could take any prop from the Library and scale it to the desired dimension. Closing off, or changing the bore is easy.

The challenge is how you'll make a physical propeller. 3D printing is an option, but at this scale it will fall apart. I'd make it on a rather expensive 3D printer (SLA, or Polyjet), then make a mold, then cast duplicates in urethane, or metal. If the time and materials are tracked, it should only be a few hundred dollars per prop.

Such props seem to already exist as well. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32899709166.html
I wouldn't order from that site, I just provide it as an example of an existing, metal, 16mm prop. The bore is 2mm, but that is easily filled and drilled.