I need good sound advise about Engineering and Design from people that are working in these industries.

I am a little stuck as to what road to go down with my education - I love engineering but @ the same time I love design

What would be a better career choice as to travelling with these different jobs?

What leave of education would you need to have to get these jobs?

How could you progress up the ladder within these jobs?

Thank you in advance for all information regarding this matter.

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Hello there, you should go into Industrial Design. It is the best mixture of engineering and design. You get to solve problems in a creative way but always keeping in mind your solutions have to be makeable. I am almost graduating from industria design. It is a very versatile career so you will find work to do almost in any field. As a difference from engineering we specialize in comunication and ergonomics. We are specialist of the form, shapes. If you get into ID, there's no turning back, you won't see the world the same way ever again. Good luck!

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Engineers typically make more money, but require a higher level of education. Their job often times overlaps into design, which would be good if you like both. In my mind designing requires more creativity while engineering is more straight forward, but requires deep knowledge, and excellent math skills.

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Hi William,

There are three opinions from different point of views here, which all are right!
I am an Industrial Designer. And I agree with all opinions here but what I would tell you is already told by Pia which is completely true for Industrial Design.

As he explained the situation briefly and clearly which is absolutely right; once you have an Industrial Design education "you won't see the world the same way ever again!" Your understanding of shapes and forms, approach to problem solving utterly changes.
After sometime, you could even start questioning-analyzing of everyday objects you use, anything you see around unconsciously. You would do this automatically, this is something you can not stop once you engaged your profession as a designer.

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Back when i worked in the appliances industry at GE, we had Engineers, Design Engineers and Draftsmen....and like Adam said...most of the designers would be more creative, while the engineers focused upon the mathematics and engineering specs, then they would hand it over to us and we would do more of the physical design details and make it fit in with other components of the assemblies. about half of the designers had their BSME or were working towards them.

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Here is another point of view, which may matter.

I have worked as an engineer and as a designer - at different jobs and in different industries..

The engineers are, in america at least, almost always right wingers and talk primarily about television and sports(also television when you get down to it). Ethnocentric and xenophobic rhetoric is part of 'belonging' within such male dominated and insulated worlds of those who consider themselves superior.

The designers\architects are almost always apolitical and talk about art, music, culture, travel, yes sports, and everything except TV.

Just an observation from my limited experience in Chicago. i do think this may be a regional thing - but... Engineers are 'by the book' and seem to thrive on authoritarian edicts - as where designers want to try and bend the rules to see if the outcome is pleasing.

Do you bend the rules, or do you like to think that everything you are told by those 'in charge' is the word of the heavens?

Clearly i am generalizing, so do not read to much into my statements.

One thing is certain: I never worked with more interesting, high quality, and talented women than when at a large architecture firm. Working in nuclear industry was... Not for me.

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I'm probably not the best person to give advices: I figured out what I want to do when I was about five years old and made a short with a screwdriver inside my grandma's old radio... As life went on, and my drawing skills fooled everyone making them all believe that I'm talented, I ended up in a designer's school. It got me a degree which is completely useless these days as I'm working on a job that would require an engineer with a degree. Sure, I learned everything, or at least most of what is required to do this job, but I own my own company with focus on unique products for a very marginal and just slowly growing market niche... Some say, we're one of the best, some say, we're the best but at the end, it all comes down to the number of bread crumbs I put on the table each and every day, month, year... I really enjoy the small pleasures that pop out from somewhere - video footage's of people traveling around the world and enjoying my design, like the latest one on YouTube, and the fact that I earn enough to spend some time and money building audio equipment for my own pleasure... If you think you are very well educated and trained, be an engineer. If you're not so sure, but do have ideas and well supported with knowledge, then, try design. I somehow managed to take some of both of the worlds and united the ideas and skills in one job. FYI, I was already 35yo when I figured what I want to do with my life... I can only wish for you that you figure that out sooner. And to wrap it up, luck or bad luck, it all comes from the decisions you make the day before. If you never buy a lottery ticket, you will never win on lotto. Feel free to email me for further off & on-topic discussions.

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