i need help in redesigning a custom made pot

It's a tea/coffee pot but need to to be designed to look much more beautiful and perfect elegant through3 d model. as my current design is not up to perfection. The pot body needs to be proportional and also needs a new lid that much it's body. I don't need change in its current basic model but only making it proportional and if possible the right color that much it's body too. Please help. As it keeps coming with more fault. I am willing to send pictures as

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If you would like to upload the files, the changes can be made. Adjusting dimensions to make the design more aesthetically pleasing.

In the meantime, check these out:

Hundreds of pre-designed mugs/cups.

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This is my pot which needs to be redesigned. The lid is not as good as for the pot. The area where the lid is sitting is also need to be fitted nicely. The neck need to be proportionally slim to its body.

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What sort of criticisms have been made about it? Aesthetics come mostly from opinions of looks. From my personal perspective, you could do some smother transitions between the elements (i.e. Handle, Spout, Top) LEt the flow of the curvature be more smooth in transition rather than sudden. Face patterns can then be applied latter for some more aesthetics.

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To be honest it's me who don't like the lid. It doesn't match it nice. And the sit it can be better too. It can be nice with out the sit as long as every thing is proportional

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