I need help with inserting parts in correct position when parts inserting in Assembly design Product

Hello . When I insert separately part from Assembly product this part becomes in wrong pisition altough in the Assembly file this part has correct position. What Im doing wrong ? Very please help me with advice .

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When inserting parts (or sub-assemblies) into an assembly, first use the compass to drag the inserted component into it's approximate position and orientation. Then use assembly constraints to mate the components into their true (correct) position.

There are many videos and tutorials online that show you how to do this, including some in the GrabCAD Tutorial section. You just have to search for "CATIA assembly tutorial"

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I am sort of confused on what you are doing here, but it looks like you are taking two existing products from your Master file, and copying them into another separate Product file (i.e. your second image)? If this is the case, your constraints that you created in the Master file are not going to carry over into your new product. I believe the part will come in, in their original DESIGN POSITION (the orientation in which you designed around the origin). As you can see, the coincidence constraint is not shown in the new product file, as far as I can see.

Ultimately, you will have to re-create your constraints, use the compass and distance tool, or use the quick snap feature to reorient your components.

Hope this helps, but it is hard to tell the real issue without being there to see how you are working =/

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