i need mold design to this model can any help me

I need to design and work of a template for this model

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If you have dimensions, I can help you, but I will design it in CATIA V5, because solidowrks, I am not familiarity, please send us the dimensions, and I will be able to help you.

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If the question is: Can this model be injection molded? The answer is no.
A mold of the part could be made, but no injection molding shop will be able to produce the part.
The model has no draft angles to help it release from the mold.
There are undercuts.
The "pins" sticking out are a problem. They are sort of the opposite of an undercut. I'm not sure what they would be called.

A better question to start with might be: How can this design be changed so that it can be injection molded?
But, as nobody will know what the critical dimensions are, how it fits, and what each feature is meant to do, the answers will not be very helpful.

Try starting with this document: http://www.polymerhouse.com/datasheets/G.E.%20Thermoplastics%20Inj%20Molding%20Processing%20Guide.pdf
It has some very good advice on the design of injection molded components. Right now, this piece is best built via additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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thank you for all
dimensions in model 000.x-t file
Have a good day.

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