I need solidworks (or creo parameteric) tutorials related to the design of gas turbine combustor?

Hello everyone! I am a mechanical engineering student and need little help related to my final year project.I am working on a Turbocharger Test Bench and for this I need a hot gas source thus I need to design a combustion chamber and need tutorials related to the design and simulation of a Gas Turbine Combustor. It would be great if you can help me out. Regards.

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Obviously I don't know the details of what the project requirements are, but do you really need to source hot gas from a combustion chamber that you also have to design?

One option is using hot gas from a source like an electric heat gun.
Another idea is sourcing exhaust gas from an existing internal combustion engine such as a vehicle, or small engine.

It sounds like the project should be more about the Turbocharger Test Bench, not creating a combustion chamber just for a source of exhaust or hot air.

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I agree with FredSWUG , and according to my knowledge a turbocharger test bench should be able to measure the throughput of a turbocharger hooked in to it, rather than telling it either working or broken. So the most cost effective way is to hook an IC engine as you can measure the performance of the engine easily; which could be helpful to determine the performance of the turbocharger.

But if your purpose of building this test rig is to measure turbos' vibrations and etc; it's ideal to use an external combustion chamber. Properly designing a combustion chamber would be a challenge though I recommend you to search youtube for "AgentJayZ" 's channel and you can have some ideas about combustion chambers, combustion liners and etc.

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