I need to draw a model of pillow block

i need to have a pillow block in my assembly drawing.i need to draw the pillow block r can i import that from somewhere else?
i attached a pdf. in that pdf i would like to draw a pillow block of sizes mentioned in page 625.

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Hi Muralikrishna if you add a sketch to this question or even an image then someone might be able to help you out as a pillow block can come in many shapes and sizes.

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I think you will find it hard to get the exact dimensions required for this pillow block in GrabCAD so it looks like you will have to model it your self.... What is the problem you are facing with modelling it your self?

Also you could put in a request on GrabCAD and someone might be kind enough to take the time and model it for you if you can not do it your self.

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Another good source for many machine components is directly from the manufacturers website. Look for CAD downloads link from their sites. Most sites require a free account to be set-up but it's a simple process.

This has served me the best as many "standard" parts are not standard at all, and the actual manufacturer's part model will fit the best come build time.

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Kevin makes a good point, I've found many "standard" parts to be quite unique.

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Hi, I think I have what you need. I just uploaded a "Parametric Pillow Block" (its in my uploaded files). The design/dimensions are from the attachment on this question. I labeled the model as parametric because I set it up so you can click the "parameter" button and just plug in the dimensions in the attached table. Right now the dimensions are for the KSTM-05 part # but you can change that to any part in that list.
Hope this helps

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