I need to fill inside of this sketch

I have created a 3d sketch around (360) the bowl and now I need to fill that sketch with a surface or need to add a texture outside of the bowl. I tried and searched for that. I couldn't find a solution. Can someone help me with this please?

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It is hard to say with just a screenshot, but here is what I would do.
Use the Curve - Split option to divide the bowl into two different regions.
You can then convert the desired face(s) into a surface.

Another option would be to use a command like Surface - Fill to actually create a surface that follows the 3D sketch you made, but I doubt it would match the bowl exactly.

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There might be a better way to do this, but this is what I thought of first:
1. This is an image of the final product
2. Split of cut your model into a 1/8th segment.
3a. Redraw your profile as a 2D sketch with a 2 point spline on the front or right plane
3b. Insert - Curve - Split. This divides the surface into multiple faces
4. Surface - Knit, or Surface - Offset (set to 0)
5. Surface Thicken, or Thickened Cut depending on the desired result
6. Mirror
7. Circular pattern
8. Insert Feature Join. The pattern should have joined, but I may have forgotten to enable the toggle for doing so.

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This file is not supportable in my pc.
I am using SW2015.
Can you send me lower version file .

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Use "split line " command.
you can split surface using of sketch but It will not work for 3D sketch.
either make sketch instead of 3D sketch or you can extrude 3D sketch then intersect outer surface and 3Dsketch extrude..
I hope it will work.

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