I need to put a bike self loader on my truck. can anyone put their ideas into design and help me with it?

I have made a container for my truck of dimension LXHXW = 8X6X5.5. and I need to put a self-loader mechanism in it. so need an idea for the mechanism. let me know if anyone can help me with their idea.
Thank you

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It is really unclear to me what you are building.
Could you attach some photos or sketches?
- type and size of truck
- details of the container
- bike = bicycle, or bike = motorcycle
- weight of bike
- self loading as in a robotic arm? a conveyor belt? a gantry crane?

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ok, the container size is length = 8 feet, width = 5.5 feet and height = 6 feet.
the deck is at a height of 3 feet from the ground.
i need to load a motorcycle (Harley Davidson) and its weight is upto 300 kilograms.
self loading as in a winch mechanism ( steel rope type motor)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jnCcA1K8ZY - I wana build something similar to this.
I hope that is sufficient.

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You use in the conveyor 30 to 35 hp motor becOz it is heave duty so we use in the conveyor which is connected to motor and it is work

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That looks like a pretty handy mechanism if you need to load and unload a motorcycle often.

In my experience in dealing with clients who are looking to design/invent something, I'd suggest posting many additional details regarding how you envision the final product.
It is possible that someone here will take some guesses and try to come up with something, but there is a high probability of you claiming it not to be the solution you had hoped for, then the design process begins again. If everything is agreed upon upfront, then there should only be minor modifications required.

There are dozens of helpful pieces of information which would make the end product what you are looking for:
- What materials are used?
- How heavy can it be?
- Will the winch be a permanent fixture in the truck bed?
- What climate are you in, is corrosion an issue?
- Are you looking to make 1, 100, 1000, 10,000 units eventually?
- Given the video shows a functional unit, why not make it? What are you looking to change?
- What safety factor do you plan to use? The wood ramp in the video was a risk.
- Will you fabricate this yourself, or will someone else make it?
- What skills are suitable for building it? Bolting, machining, welding...etc?
- How much do you anticipate this build to cost?
- What is the timeline for producing this design? Days, weeks, months?

It is just my experience, but I stay far away from projects which are not well defined, and have many unanswered questions. Hopefully by adding more details, it will help someone to envision a great solution.

Also, there are dozens of these solutions already in existence beyond the Youtube video. Which of these looks most like what you'd want? What needs to be changed to make it work for your application?

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