I need variable damping/resistance/speed on a three wheel setup.

Hi Guys,

I have a three wheel setup, such that two wheels are parallel to each other or next to each other, without any contact. The third wheel is in the center and perpendicular to these two wheel. All three wheels are mounted on a single rail. Please see the attached picture.

I need a mechanism that will limit the speed of the wheels on the rail. Only the dimensions shown in the picture are important, which are the diameter of the rail and the diameter of the wheels. I need a mechanical system to achieve the limiting.

The overall setup is four of these assemblies on two parallel rails (which are hollow pipes, TBH). The four wheel assemblies are connected by a plate on top.

The simpler the solution, the better.

Thank you all!

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Here's one idea, maybe the 3rd wheels on one side of the parallel rail system can be designed with an adjustment feature, allowing you to add tension to the system (and thus resistance) by pushing the 3rd wheels harder against the rails.

Basically the 3rd wheels would act together to 'squeeze in' (or push out, depending on which way the design really goes) on the rails and create the resistance.

Did that make sense?

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No guarantees, but browsing through the above mechanical movements can often provide some insight.
I'd consider some sort of braking system on one or more of the wheels. Or some type of drag, or clamp system to create friction along the rail. I guess it depends on what the rails are made of, and it some type of wear or friction on it is acceptable.

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Another thought, though it wouldn't be variable, maybe there's a ball bearing grease thick enough to give you the desired resistance.

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Not sure what this is used for but I would incorporate an Eddy Current break. No moving parts!

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