i use Creo Elements/pro 5.0 [nooby]

first i'm nooby and sry for bad grammar, my english is bad

Q1.when i open program, creo say "welcome to creo elements/pro 5.0", but i learn book name pro/enginner wildfire 5.0 and this book not problem to learn beacause really same interface.
y this program name not pro/engineer wildfire?

Q2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnjJMymZSSY&feature=share&list=PLgh-maHw9pPcRVsJHXgBoShrmJAdD9sHo&index=1
↑ this creo use picture but i can't
is this different program?

Q3 and can make this(ironman) in Creo Elements/pro 5.0? i love this ironman modelling and seriously curious can make this?

i learn this program 3week and my feel this program very usefull
i love it

read thank u

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2 Answers

1. Pro engineer was changed to creo.The interface slightly changed but almost icon and operation are about the same. You can use proengineer tutorial in creo.
2. In proengineer you can insert image to sketch by style > tracesketch but in creo you go to view tab and select image icon to import.
3 . You can model anything in cad software. It's depend on your work hard and time. I can model anythings because I love to do them.

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For question 2. You will need the isdx module in creo to do that tutorial. But you dont need it to create an ironman mask though ;-)

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