i want sheet metal part drawings to practice iam not able to get from google can anyone pls help me

i want to practice please

6 Answers

Do you absolutely need sheet metal.ipt's? All .iam's work in the same way on AutoDesk. I have a plethora of files I could provide you to practice with and draw, but none of them are sheet metal.ipt...

please do practice this two drawing.
make 3d model & share.
i will give you more after you complete this. cheers


I have uploaded full tutorial for sheet metal , please check the link below



I have samples. About cutting and bending. See models in 3D CAD Exercises_L1...20. Maybe they will help. I don't have any tutorial videos, but there are plenty of them on YouTube about different design software.

If there are any questions, let me know.

Br, Yngvar.