I want to design the telescopic fork suspension of bicycle. So what will be the parameters or calculation to do that design part??

I am participating in efficycle competition where I have to design a trike vehicle. In that I am mounting telescopic fork suspension of bicycle. So now I want to know that how should I do that designing part?

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First let's divide topic of telescopic suspension into hydraulic, mechanical part. In hydraulic section, consider the capacity of tube in which oil is being damped. Also find the proper piston with fork end fits to the tube. For one way valve/bleed valve determine the force of oil to release and pass through next chamber (cracking pressure). Then for mechanical part, determine the size of bolt for tie end, whether it can withstand dynamic load (check with simulation software-ANSYS). First be sure of concepts and then search for parameter and relate them with your model. Best of Luck.

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