I want to display 500±0.25 to 500.0±0.25 in catia-drafting

I want to display 500±0.25 to 500.0±0.25 in CATIA-drafting is it possible?? I am trying ANS_DIM but as precision is 0.01 the value displayed is 500.00±0.25 which I do not want, is there a possibility to display that dimension as 500.0±0.25. Please help me it`s urgent

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Instead of ANS_DIM, change to ISO_DIM or JSI_DIM or DIN_DIM which will drop the trailing zeros.

For 500.0 (one decimal place): use ANS_DIM and change the precision to 0.1 but I believe this will effect the tolerance to ±0.2 also.

In the ANSI world, both the dimension value and tolerance must be same number of decimal places.

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If you truly want "500.0±0.25" there are several ways you can fake it:

a. add the dimension with one decimal place, and add text for the ±tolerance

b. change the dimension properties to fake dimension, and manually type in the value and tolerance

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