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I want to fold according to the drawing

By Bilal ZİREK on 14 Feb 16:02 3 answers 1 comment

I want to fold according to the drawing

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sawdust_box.ipt, 84.5 KB

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  • Ioannis Skarlatakis
    Ioannis Skarlatakis over 4 years ago

    Here it is... Based on the Flat Pattern of your drawing....

    You will notice an extra 0.5mm on height of this part 19 -->19,5 unfortunately I cannot find why... ...but this is the best you can get for free at this time of the day...

    However, don't trust much the flat patterns ( from any CAD ) as in my experience the "K factor Rule" should be adjusted with your Bending Machine... That is a quick try and error procedure unless you know the radius of your tooling... then you can follow the attached the "very famous in Grab Cad" .pdf file regarding the theory behind Bending!!!!

    I am afraid you will never get a more complete answer than that....




    Spaneabweiser.ipt, 280 KB
    Sheet_Metal_Bending.pdf, 261 KB
  • Bilal ZİREK
    Bilal ZİREK over 4 years ago

    Thank you very much into the hands of health

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