I want to learn Blue print Sketching and surfacing to model a car

Please help me a im a student and it will help build my career

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Its not hard but you need to learn NURB based modeling and have a pretty good idea how NURB splines work. Start with basics read and understand well what NURB splines are and how do they work https://www.cs.drexel.edu/~david/Classes/CS430/Lectures/L-09_BSplines_NURBS.6.pdf. Second you will need to know how to manipulate and achieve different types of continuity between splines G1 G2 G3 etc Then you need to learn how to draw 3D splines following 2D plans. then you have to learn surfaces. this will give you good idea if you have Rhino how is done http://grabcad.com/library/bmw-m3--2

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First a little u must to learn how to setting up blueprints of a car in solidWorks so this tutorial will help u to learn that


nd after that u can start ur modeling nd to leanr that so see this tutorial


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