I want to open solid works files 2010,2011,2012 in solidworks 2009.what works must i do for this action?(important)

my version of solidworks is 2009 but my files that i need is earlier version.i am must be open this parts and i dont know whats work must do?

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You will not be able to open the 2012, 2011, 2010 SolidWorks files directly in 2009 but you could load them onto your GrabCAD account and send me a Message on GrabCAD and I can open the files and convert them to STEP files of a different file type and you might be able to open them as a STEP file in Solidworks 2009 and then convert them back to a SolidWorks model. I know this works for SW2012 files that need to be opened in SW2011. :-)

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It's impossible!
the only chance is to use the stp, igs, stl ... formats...

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