I want to pursue my career as a CAD engineer.requirements?

I want to work as a CAD engineer.I just wanted to know which skills and qualities should I possess to excel in this field..
I'm currently doing my undergraduate in engineering (mechanical) and which subjects should I mainly focus for entering into this field.

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Make sure you can learn different design/engineering softwares to make the transition from college to work easier. Learn a few of them like Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks, and Creo. 99.9% of the time you will be using softwares like these in your work field.

A course you should take also is metallurgy. I didn't take it in school but really wish I did. It will give you a better idea of how certain metals act and react under certain environmental conditions, as well as machining/welding ability for its use in designs.

Also take a machining/shop class that focuses on metal work. It will give you the perspective of the machinists that will be making the parts you engineer. It will help with design simplicity to make machining more quick and efficient, as well as easier on the machinists in the future as well.

A welding class would be good too. Same reason for the machining course.

The stuff you really have to know is GD&T, and all the modeling capabilities each software has available to it.

If you could also study the calculation capabilities the softwares have like Stress analysis and flow simulation, that will give you an advantage over other candidates because several employees in the field do not know how to perform these simulations in the software.

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Jonathan has some really good suggestions (focus on engineering subjects, as the CAD is just a tool to use).

But I also suggest learning how to program, so you'll be able to enhance your CAD skills by writing customized macros.

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