I want your input on the Pros and Cons of Solid Works and Solid Edge based on your experience

Hi Everyone,

I am currently in the process of purchasing a CAD program, I have 2 options. Solid Works and Solid Edge. I have had a little bit of experience with both programs but not enough to know which one is better. I liked them both and i did notice some differences between the two.
I am currently confused. (VERY)
I would like to hear your feedback based on your experience with the software and which one you think i should get.
Which one will get the project i am doing done faster?

What i Do is build service bodies and they require huge amounts of assembly. and in the end, once i am done modeling something and i need to adjust a certain dimensions within a part or between two parts i want to click and do it. Nothing more.

The reason i am posting here is because if i ask the sales rep from these two companies they will say theirs is better no doubt. So i want the opinion of an experienced user that has used both possible.

Thank you

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