Idea for Mechanic of Machines Project

Hi guys!
I'm trying to fabricate any mechanical device which include Gear, Belting, Balancing or Friction (or any combination) but couldn't find something eye-catching yet. The main purpose is to build a mechanical model to appreciate power transmission components. The size should not be too small (hard to fabricate) or large (costly) and I don't have a 3D printer.

Please share some of your thought so we could build a cool device. I'll share the CAD files with you guys when the project is done.

Thank you.

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I've always liked these kinetic sculptures

Hopefully these are eye catching enough.
Gears, belts, balance, friction... I think they cover all of those points.
No need for a 3D printer either. You can use wood.

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Any type of automata has good potential for displaying these elements.

Search for, "Computational Design of Mechanical Characters" on YouTube for some more ideas.

Good luck

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