If a drawing is revised by someone who is not the original author whose name goes in the title block?

I have taken over responsibility for a design and drawing that was originated by an outside contractor. The drawing was on Rev. 4 when I took over. I need to make another revision. What is the usual protocol for the title block in this situation? Is it still drawn by the original author? Or does my name go there now?

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The title block information should capture the original designer, checker and approver. That information should never change.

The place for any new signatures due to ECO's, is the revision block.

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Piggybacking of cmalco's response:
We also implement an ECN (Engineering change notice) which is an excel document that floats around the vault along with the drawings. It is a document that spells out all of the changes that have been made.

For example, the title block would remain the same (as mentioned above) but the revision level on the drawing would be bumped, along with an ECN number added to the print. Anyone in the company can then pull up the accompanying ECN number and they should be able to see a summary of all the changes.

The ECN contains basic info such as:
Part 123 rev1 changed to 123rev2 on 2/22/18.
Cell c8 dimension changed from .10" to .15"; Cell D6 removed thru hole

etc etc.

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