If I buy solid edge will I be able to work on the solid works files in GrabCAD?

I'm deciding between Solid Edge & Solid Works; at the moment I'm leaning toward Solid Edge but I'd like to use the brilliant resources available on GrabCAD which seem to be mostly SolidWorks files.

Will I be able to open such files in SolidEdge and tweak / adjust them etc?

Thanks for any advice!

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Sorry - I meant "If I BUY solid edge will I be able to work on the solid works files in GrabCAD?"

I can't see where to edit the question!

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if they are the file formats of your program, then yes,
Note-download files in universal formats (. igs. stp) should work with them without any problem.
Some files can open in your program if you have the option to import in such a format.

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SE ST4 can open next files. This can be done in assembly or part enviroment.

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Depending on what you want to do with those files, you could have a look at SpaceClaim instead of Solid Edge to edit third party CAD files.

For more info have a look at www.spaceclaim.com

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Thanks very much everyone. I got hold of a trail version of SE and it's opened the SolidWorks files fine

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