If I have an excel file with a large amount of technical data, can I get Autocad to import it as some sort of series of commands?

I'm currently working on building up a library of 3D models of crane rigging for a new job. Specifically, I'm creating wire rope slings (like this 3/8" wire rope sling ) but with less of an emphasis on visual detail and more on precise measurements.

In order to simplify the process a bit, I created an excel file to enter the basic four measurements of a sling (length, rope thickness, eye width, and eye length) which then calculates and displays for me the coordinates and measurements of all the objects needed to make the sling (arcs, lines, circles to sweep along those lines, etc.)

I realize now that I'm really just creating a task of endless copy/paste, and I'm looking for a better way to get through the process. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for how to make this work as efficiently as possible.

Is there some way that I could point AutoCAD to the Excel file and have it read all the coordinates and measurements to draw everything automatically? I also considered creating a line in Excel that would give output that I could copy and paste into a .scr, but I have never used any scripting in CAD before, so it would be new territory for me.

What's everyone's opinion on the best way for me to go about this?

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You don't need to program anything.
Just make a XLS-file with a colomn that contains the command and the necessary parameters or x, y, z coordinates.
Copy the whole colomn with CTRL & C and paste this directly in the commandline of AutoCAD and enter. Everthing will be drawn within seconds.
I will attach a sample of geometric drawing.
I made drawings with more than 65.000 points with automatic data entry.
It would please me if you could send me an example of the rope sling.

Best Regards
A3NCAD Belgium

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