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Missing feed


By Louis Cyphre on 03 Apr 02:46 8 answers 12778 views 0 comments

I need to feed IGES files into AutoCad 2005. Since DXF supports 3-D data (as I've checked myself), I assume it is possible. Any reliable little tool to do this? Thanks a lot.
P.S.: please don't suggest updating to newer AutoCad releases or purchasing any other different CAD suite, it's not possible at this time

8 answers

  • Louis Cyphre
    Louis Cyphre over 2 years ago

    Good, but how? I find no menu option to import such files nor equivalent line command. Or do you mean the external app?

  • Louis Cyphre
    Louis Cyphre over 2 years ago

    Thanks everybody. It seems I'll have to write a converter myself...

  • Antonio
    Antonio over 2 years ago

    Install FreeCAD, it's free, and let it do to him.

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew over 2 years ago

    I don't think that IGES import/export was available in 2005. I remember having it in the nineties (version 12 or 13), then it went away and required an add-in for extra cost (around $400 US at the time). I could be wrong, but I don't think it was put back into plain AutoCAD.

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