im using solid works ,in that real view graphic option is not working my laptop is lenovo ideapad 100 intel graphic 5500 graphic cad what should i do for working that please tell me

i saw so many videos ,but in that lot of methods ,like n420 registy, realhack, but i think that it not safe and can any one say best method please

2 Answers

Just my opinion, but turn "Real View" off, and make models.
When it comes time to make it look nice, render the image in Photoview 360, Keyshot, or another rendering application.

You can check the SolidWorks website to see if the graphics card is supported with your release of SolidWorks, but you are really not missing anything by not having "Real View".

The only use I have found for "Real View" was the one time I did a solar study to find the optimal parking space in the lot. One that maximizes heat gain in the winter, and minimizes the sunlight in the summer. I now have two parking spots!

The Ambient Occlusion lighting is also a nice touch, but not at the expense of the time it takes to redraw each time the model is moved.

It has been some time since I looked into the hacks you mentioned, but most of those are meant to fool your computer into thinking you've installed a Quadro based nVidia graphics card. But, you have to be starting with a GeForce nVidia card.
If you have an Intel graphics card, you can't turn it, or trick it into becoming a Qaudro card.

I had the same problem too. Please check this tutorial on YouTube. It will show you how to enter your graphics card in the Solidworks registry inorder to activate the realview graphics. I hope it helps.