Images with Photoshop or Blender or Keyshot


I need to create rendered images similar to those in the web page of midas engineering software. With gradient colors like FEM simulation.
Do you know tutorials or other?

Thank you in advance
Best regards
Devis Gangale

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Blender I do not know, so I can't say if it will help or not.

The images on the web-page look like they were all modified to have their colors in Photoshop. Photoshop will mainly be useful if you have images to work with. You could create the content in Photoshop, but that is a bit more complex, unless you are already pretty skilled as a digital Artist.

Keyshot will help you, but only if you have 3D data to feed into it. No models, no render. Though I guess maybe that is how Blender ties in?

Blender - Create the 3D model (I believe Blender could also render the model, so maybe you would not need Keyshot at all?).

Keyshot - Render the 3D model, you'd want to assign materials, and practice with the output settings. Some of those sample images look like the Clown Passes would help to separate portions of the model.

Photoshop - Is used at the end to merge and stack various layers, and add extra effects and colors which might otherwise be difficult (or impossible) to do in Keyshot.

There are several Keyshot and Photoshop tutorials in the Tutorial section. I just posted one this week: More Keyshot and Photoshop Tips

Gumroad has a pretty good tutorial on Keyhot layers in Photoshop:
I wish it were a little more in-depth, but it gives a good idea of how the layers stack and interact.

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Hello FredSWUG
Thank you for your exhaustive answer.
So I will learn from this tutorials and I to do it.
Best regards

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