Import History Tree (ST3)

Is there a option when I open a STEP in ST3, to import the feature tree or make it recognize features and dimensions?

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Actually called our VAR on this one, he said this ability exists only on ST2 and earlier. With the release of ST3 they removed it, for reasons we may never understand. haha. BUT if you are wanting to easily change dimensions on a dumb model you can bring it into the synchronous mode and use smart dimension to place dimensions and alter them.

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Hi Adam

When you open STEP, IGES, SolidWorks or any of "foreign" files in ST3 u have to pay attention what kind of file you open, part or assembly. Open/browse for file/files of type/open as...part, draft, assembly or something else. In part file u got feature copy (whole geometry of a file with synchronous features), otherwise, in assembly environment u got assembly feature with feature tree but without any constrains and physical attributes...u have to put this manually if you want...
hope it helps a little bit :)))

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