import step file of heatsink in autocad mechanical 2012

I tried to import a step file of a heatsink from the site into autocad2012. However it doesn't work. Nothing is imported. Can someone help me on this?

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Have you tried to create a new file and start the Import command(aka _import)?
If yes,then after you selected the desired file,you should get a message window with the message "Your import job is processing in the background".
After you click Close,in the lower right corner you should see a message "Import File Processing Complete".Have you clicked on the link?
If yes,then maybe your file it's uploaded but it's ''lost in space''...So 'you should bring it back on the screen'.Type at the command line 'Z'->'E'(Zoom->Extended) to see your file.

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I got half way through this - but at the Zoom Extended I found Nothing!!!!

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