Importing models from Rhino 5 to Solidworks 2014

I'm having a ton of issues importing models from Rhino 5 into Solidworks 2014. IGES, STEP, 3DM, Parasolid all come in as surfaces and have missing faces, geometry issues making the model unusable. Repairing the model doesn't work 100%. I need them to be a solid so I can make thermo-forms/blisters for packaging.
I use SW and my co-worker used Rhino 5 and models all in surfaces, then converts them into a solid. So no matter what I do, the models have problems. I did however make a cube in Rhino, saved as an IGES and changed the saving option to Solidworks. The model came in black and solid. Anything else though has problems.

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Hi, Christiaan Sidell! My name is Kostia. I try to help. Please, send me your model from Rhino in .STL format. I try to recognize it in surfaces or solid bodies with using Geomagis Design X and SolidWorks.
This is example of work on my YouTube channel.
We can contact with you in Skype.
Regards, Kostia!

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