Impossible coffemaker surface

Hello pals, I'v got a problem with this model, i have to close the surface to make it look like the attached image and i dont know how to proceed, i've tried to make a bluesurf and use the lateral curves as guide curves but i get errors, thanks

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2 Answers

From just 1 picture it is very difficult to understand the shape of that component.
A complex part is composed by small simple geometry elements so I would first try to observe the part from any angle to discover such simple geometry.
What I see (with just 1 picture) is 2 section easily made by 2 shape connected with a loft.
Once you have made that you can proceed to difine the little details.

I can't open your file in on a commercial license ST9

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Same here - ST10 commercial does not open your file. Siemens successfully going against its customers again.

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