In asigning a force in Solidworks simulation stress analysis, do I need to ADD the Weight of the beam/truss in the live load inorder to get the total force to be assigned?? please help..

Im confuse in assigning a load to the beam as parameter to find the result. the beam weight is 1 ton, the hoist/live load to be placed in the truss is 400 kg., I do not know if I will assign a total of 1400kg or 1.4 tons, or I will only assign the load of the hoist only, which is 400 kg., please help me.

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1 Answer

If you want realistic result for displacement you should use the weight of the beam and the load as the weight is distributed and the load is at a point.

If you want to verify the security you should use the same as before but with security factors. Usually the security factor for the weight and the one for the load are different (for ex. in building we usually use 1.35 for weight and 1.5 for load as factors, these may be different for lifting equipment).

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