In AutoCAD, whats the funamental difference between press/pull and extrude?

I'm having a filletting nightmare with a project where after I have extruded a region it wont fillet a certain edge(s) - see 'Filletting problem in AutoCAD' for details on the question. Would using press/pull to extrude a region make a difference.

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no it is the same command but press pull is merely a more advanced extrude with chooses regions bound by edges and polylines, your fillet radius is too much for the allowed clearance before the fillet clashes with the solid or the edge is to complex for the fillet command, try one fillet at a time

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hello there is a little difference between press/pull and lets you to increase or decrease the height of your solid body if sketch of same entity is drawn on top of it.

in case of filleting problem this won't help you..try lowering the radius of fillet and try fillet one edge at a time...thanks i hope this might help.

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