In solidworks how can i mate a gear with a shaft such that when i rotate the gear the shaft rotates as well..?

i have designed a gear train.. i have used coincident and concentric mates to fix the gears . now when i rotate one of my gears all the other gears rotate accordingly (i have used mechanical mates for gears to rotate) . but my question is how can i assemble the shafts with the gears so that the shafts rotate with the gears as well..

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You could use a parallel mate between a plane in the gear and a plane in the shaft.

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firstly you must draw the pitch circle diameters of the respective mating gears (in way exactly you want to mesh them) gears on any of the specific planes then import your gears and make coincident with that plane and make concentric with the circles or its center and simply apply gear mate to those gears.

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