In solidworks how to convert boss extrude to extruded cut?

I have made a boss-extrude feature and i want to substitute it with an extruded-cut

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You could just delete the boss extrude (but do not delete the absorbed sketch) and then do an extruded cut using the sketch.

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Uncheck Merge result from the Extrude feature and then Use Boolean operation i.e. Feature >> Combine and then subtract the extruded body from the main body.

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Make sure 'Instant 3D' is checked
Click on the Extrude and then drag the direction arrow so that the feature is below the surface and Solidworks will convert the feature to an Extrude Cut
Vice Versa for changing an Extrude Cut into an Extrude

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Thank you Joey

then there is no option in the program to convert or revert the feature to another type of feature

i hope the solidworks co. to work on developing this option

i found a lot of people on the net asking the same question but no new answers all answers are the same

you have to delete the feature and redo another new one

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