In which workbench this 3D Drafting is done? and which commands are to be selected for Drafting?

Hello everyone,
As am new to here please help me in finding these answers, Actualy I want to Draft the model in a 3D way, without entering in Drafting workbench.
And please help me in finding the commands used for Drafting & procedure to start.
If there is any video tutorial for the perticular 3D drafting than please let me know the link of it.
Here am attaching the image of Drafting in CATIA

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1 Answer

Those 3D dimensions were probably made with the FTA workbench in CATIA. (FTA: Functional Tolerancing and Annotations) Besides the types of dimensions shown in your attachments, FTA is primarily used for GD&T dimensions applied directly to the 3D CATPart model.

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