Incomplete rendering in Photoview 360

I rendered with photoview 360 but the render isn't complete
In SolidWorks the model is OK

Please help

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2 Answers

If I were you, I'd check the previous questions first...

Anyways, I made a tutorial on that issue a while ago:
How to prevent models from being cut in PhotoView 360
It's all about the scene's bottom view plane's alignment.

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Hey John,
as Yahya has pointed out its just about where your floor or bottom plane is set to. The quick solution for this one is to right click your screen in open space of the part/assembly you want to render and select 'edit scene' then under the edit scene pop up basic tab you will see the heading 'floor' select the drop down 'align floor with' and then for this particular part i would select 'selected plane' then click on the bottom face of you model.

This should solve your issue, but do a render preview first before a final render so that you can have a quick view as to how the model will appear once rendered.

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