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Incorrect mass unit in Solidworks drawings

By Sami Gourani on 06 Mar 09:45 2 answers 0 comments

I have a problem with Solidworks showing me the wrong mass unit in the drawings. I have everything set to grams but in the drawings it shows me in Kg. But the worse is that if i have a part that weights 150 g it shows 150 Kg and not 0.15 kg. Please help me with this frustrating problem.

2 answers

  • Matthew Pyle
    Matthew Pyle 8 months ago

    Are the part dimensional units correct? IE if it was drawn in meters and not millimeters this kind of error could show up

  • Sami Gourani
    Sami Gourani 7 months ago

    I think i fixed it. My drawing sheel title block had Kg in it, so it just put whatever weight my part is before Kg. Now i changed it to g but i still would like that solidworks automatically writes the specified unit in the drawing instead of me because sometimes if the part is too heavy i should put Kg instead of g, but maybe the solution is to have different templates for each weight unit..

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