infringement of copyright

My models there are at

and I was not told,
and my model, has been on sale 3D
I beg the grabcad follow up


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6 Answers

Sometime in the past the whole site was mirrored on chinese website, thats when I left and removed all files, I now do manly requests and files I am not interested in.

PS I don't think Grabcad give a shit about your problem or any others they have made their money now of the backs of people like you and me.they don't even check the site anymore ! (except when they want to make a buck from people)
"The support team is the first line of response when our customers reach out, and we've established a reputation for being prompt, friendly"

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Join the club!! our models are not safe!!
So beware what you upload....see: Our models are not safe !!

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look at
Lots of our models are here....but remember..they only steal from the best!!!!!

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